Our Platinum SPONSORSHIP Program

R Craig Blume

Posted on October 27 2019

Our Platinum SPONSORSHIP Program

How do you ACTIVATE your SUCCESS MECHANISM?   By setting a GOAL!   Our goal is to hand over a $1 MILLION DOLLAR check to Steve O’Donnell and the CMTA by December 31st, 2019!!   Capture that feeling!    How amazing will this FEEL when we accomplish this together!!    Plane simple!    Help us sell 200,000 PLANE SURVIVOR T-shirts and this becomes a REALITY!  

  • GOAL - DONATE $1 MILLION DOLLARS to Steve O’Donnell and the CMTA by December 31st, 2019
  • BENEFITS - You get one of the SOFTEST t-shirts on the planet, truly one that you may even want to sleep in because it feels so nice! Not to mention of course, “how nice you will look wearing your very own Plane Survivor CMT t-shirt”!
  • GIVING BACK - The Baltimore Biker Trading Company is DONATING $5.00 for EVERY Plane Survivor t-shirt sold to Steve O’Donnell and the CMTA!

CMT or Charcot Marie Tooth affects 2.8 MILLION people and yet most of us have never heard of CMT?  We believe that the chances are strong that you already know someone affected

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), named after the three doctors who first identified it, is one of the most common inherited nerve disorders. CMT affects an estimated 1 in 2,500 people in the United States and 2.8 million people worldwide, although experts believe the number could be much higher.

Understanding what the disease is, what causes it, how doctors diagnose it, and the different treatment options available can help you or someone you know to manage the disease and lead an active and fulfilling life.

CMT is also commonly called hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy. This means that the disease runs in families and causes problems with the sensory and motor nerves, the nerves that run from the arms and legs to the spinal cord and brain.

When the parts of the nerves—the axons and the myelin—become damaged, messages that run along the nerves move more slowly or have a weak signal. Over time, this causes muscles in the feet, legs, and hands to lose strength.  Often, the muscle loss happens unevenly, which causes deformity as muscles waste away (atrophy) at different rates.

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