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A few years ago... Our families that have been long time close friends came together to bring a new and much needed concept to the world, HANGER 11 PLANE APPARELWe both shared a common goal to start a legacy that would serve our families for generations to come.  With a burning desire to introduce the world to Baltimore Biker Trading Company's - HANGER 11 Plane Apparel Line; we were very fortunate to have a group of close friends that were already involved in the business world to guide and mentor us. The most important lessons to learn were “what not to do”, learn from mistakes already made and put a "minimum of 110 hours a week" in towards your goal!  So we diligently did as directed, we listened and learned, and then we listened and learned some more. As time passed and things aligned, designs were made and tossed but one always remained... "PLANE".  PLANE obvious, right?  The idea of using the word (PLANE) in place of (PLAIN) and playing with "theater of the mind" seemed to spark constant and instant conversation.  We are PLANE thrilled to bring our: (HANGER 11 PLANE APPAREL) line of products designed and proudly distributed by: The Baltimore Biker Trading Company!

Executive Team Leadership:

Dave Van Sant

R. Craig Blume

Michelle Keener

Ken Kosko


Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 7

Perry Hall, Maryland 21128

Phone: 410-440-2826





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HANGER 11 Plane Apparel


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